Giza In Brief

All Giza is Dated back to the oldest Ages, containing remains of Memphis city , which was the first capital of the egyptianstate, After the unification of both northern and southern regions  of it. by Narmar

It was the capital of Egypt in the early Pharaohs era : khufu built his pyramid in it and became one of the 7 wonders of the ancient world ,even after changing the capital of Egypt from Memphis to tiba Luxor Al-Giza remained the meeting point between the north and the south of Egypt in:

 Islamic era Al-Giza continued .to occupy an important position due to its proximity to the Islamic capital of Egypt like (Al Fust at – Al Kata,a –and Cairo).

Al-Giza was named like that when the Arabs came and crossed the river Nile. (Giza means crossed).

In modern times the first modern Egypt ian university was built when princess Fatma  Esmail  save a pice of land As a gift to build the university which  named Fou'ad the first university ,and now it's name is Cairo university the biggest among all Egyptian

 ones now 1919 the citizen of Al Giza demonistrated against the English colonists in 1919 revolution ,and alot of them ,were  murdered in El-shoubk city in El – badrashin ,giza governerate considered the 31 st of March a national day for it.

   Giza is one of the cities of the greater Cairo ,its borders meet with –Al behara and matron

 the total Area of it is 1579.75 km2.

The population is approxmitly 7 millions

 the logo of Governorate.


A sun and the great pyramids and dome of the university parallel to the river Nile.

The flag of the governorate:


It contains 2 lotus flowers surrounding   the pyramids and the dome of the university.

The national day

31st of march 1919 the citizens demonstrated against English colonists.

The map of the city


The province is administratively divided into 18 cities and 13 countries and neighborhoods. 

The districts of Giza

·     North Giza district

·     South Giza district

·     Al-Agouza district

·     Al-Omrania district

·     Al-Haram district

·     Boulak-Aldakrour district

·     Al-Warak district

·     Dokky district

The counties of the governrate

·     Monshaat Al Kanater county

·     Auseem county

·     Kerdasa county

·     Abo Al Nomros county

·     Al Hawamdya county

·     Al Badrashen county

·     Ayaat county

·     Al Saf county

·     Atfee county

·     Al-Wahat Al Baharya county

·     6th October city

·     Al – Shek Zayad city


The economic activites in giza are ( Tourism – Agriculture – Industry –crafts )

First : Tourism

A first class touristic place , it contains the biggest and greatest monuments in the world , the most important of them are the pyramids .

It also contains (Islamic – pharaohs and Coptic ) monuments

It location on the river nile added anew touristic trips which is the nile cruises and the hotels on the bank of the river nile

In the investment fields

( environmental – industirial –touristic – survices residential )

The industrial zone in 6th October city

the lands of the zone is being dealt with by ( sale by auction ) according to the rules of

law no. 89 for 1998

the total no. of projects are 148 with total investment cost 16 billion pounds and 64269 workers .

In Agriculture field 

flat total 9 249 756 P (within the command area)
Custom 5 i P 130500 (outside the command area)

·        Reins cultivated 194171 P 1 ct

·        Reins ring 7 i P 159176

·        Gardens and palm trees 18 i 34994 P

·        Fallow and benefits 8 i 55585 P


·        The most important crops:


·        Winter crops (wheat - soybean my country - onion)


·        Winter vegetables (tomatoes - zucchini - Vasola - eggplant - cabbage - cauliflower)


·        Summer crops (maize - peanut - sesame)


·        Summer vegetables (tomatoes - pepper - Eggplant - beans - zucchini - okra - Molokhia cabbage)


·        Crop potatoes (potato winter - summer potato - potato Nelly)


·        The most important wheat and corn crops, which are characterized by the province.


·        Website on the Internet
Special page on social networking (Facebook)
(Giza portal).

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