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The Museum of Mohamed Mahmoud Khalil and his wife

This museum has Mohamed Mahmoud Khalil's personal collection of valuable and famous paintings. It has 208 paintings in oil , pastille and aqua colors in addition to those in graphite . It also has a rare collection of sculpture works , vases,pottery and porcelain brought from France , Turkey , Iran and China as well as a big collection of statues and pots made of semiprecious stones made in China . It reflects the precision of chinese articrafts. In addition to Japanese handicrafts .

He was born in 1877 and died in 1953.

The Museum of Ahmed Shawky    

It was opened to the public on the 17th of  June ,1977 .It contains the  furniture of Ahmed Shawky ( the poet ) , his study- room , his bedroom , his sitting room and his books .It has 335 books with hand – written notes by the poet . It has 713 sheets of paper that have his poems and prose works . It displays the medals and presents that were given to the poet in different occasions .It also has a collection of oil paintings , antiques and some photographs of the poet .

He was born in 1868 and died in 1932 To honor him the Governorate made him a statue in front of  Orman Garden at Dokki.

The Museum of Dr. Taha Hussein

The museum of Dr. Taha Hussein is in Villa Ramtan in which Dr.Taha Hussein lived since 1956 .

The museum has two floors the ground floor has the study room of Dr. Taha Hussein in which his books are displayed along with his translation .

It has the reception hall in which he used to meet his visitors professors, artists and men of letters he also used to meet his students from the Faculty of Arts every Sunday evening. The reception hall is annexed with a dining room.

The second floor has his personal belongings and those of his wife. On the walls of the museum there are several paintings of Egyptian and foreign famous artists.

The museum has the medals that he got from Egypt and several Arab and foreign countries. It has the Nile medallion that he got in 1965 in addition to the Human Rights award that he was awarded by the United Nations in 1972 as a compensation for the Nobel Prize he was nominated for.

The museum was opened for the public on the 15 Th of July, 1997.

To honor him the Governorate made him a Statue in Al – Galaa Square.


The Museum of Nabil Darwish

It is one of the attractions in Giza. It was well designed for displaying pottery. It is one of the unique museums in the world.

It has art works of black pottery, smoke drawing, glossy black and fire coloring. It is a continuation of the old Egyptian arts (Pharaonic – Islamic). It has 3 thousand pieces of pottery and ceramics.                              

Gallery Al Nadim For Wood Works

It is characterized by wood works that attract tourists because it is part of the Arab architectal heritage.

A big part of the products is exported to foreign countries because of the experience they have in that field.


The Museum of Egyption Glass Art and Sculpture

( Zakaria El Khanani and Aida Abdel Kareem )

It has the glass works of the artist Zakaria El Khanani in unique pieces and and the sculpture works of the artist Aida Abdel Kareem in the garden of the museum. It also has decorative works and Egyptian accessories. The artists in their work follow the ancient Egyptian techniques.

Atelier of the artist Samir Shoukry

Samir Shoukry is an artist concerned with reviving the ancient Egyption and Islamic heritage by using marble and granite in his works . He is the only artist specialized in making some parts of the mosque which are in many Arab , African and European countries ,because of  its high level

The Museum of Nagy

He is one of the greatest pioneers in the modern Egyptian school of painting .He has many oil paintings with a distinct artistic view. Some date back to 1907.

After modernizing the museum of Nagy it has become a bright spot on the way to preserve our national and human heritage. It is a cultural school in the field.


The Museum of Omar EL Nagdy

The museum was established in 1990. It has the important sculpture, painting, mosaic and pottery works of the artist Omar ELNady. He is an extension of the ancient Egyptian, Coptic and Islamic culture. He is well known all over the world and some of his masterpieces are in international museums and institutions. There is special museum in France for his works


The Gallery of Mohy El Din Hussein

The gallery was established in Harrania in April, 1980. It has the pottery works of the artist with its wonderful models and glossy colors. He added a new experiment by presenting ceramic paintings .It has a collection of pots, plates and tiles. The artist takes part in local and international  exhibitions.


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